Do you feel like being a stepparent is just HARD?

I want to offer to you that I think it might feel hard to you right now because it is hard. 

If you are feeling this way -- I get it.  I understand.

I don't know everything but I do KNOW that when I was a new stepmom things were sometimes hard for me.

More than 20 years ago I went on a date with a coworker who had been married and he had kids. Fast forward a lot of years and I've been a stepmom for 20 years. 

It wasn't always easy. 

I did find my way to my version of my own happy blended family life.

Yay for ME! Right? What about YOU?

Today, as a coach, I support, coach and empower stepparents as they work to create the life and family that they deeply desire.  

Amy Stone


Mentor, Coach and Educator for Stepparents.

Amy is a professional and confident coach. She has great intuition and was spot on with all her questions. She helped me gain insight in what was holding me back from my goal. I highly recommend her!


Coaching Client

You Can Feel Happier

I believe that it is possible to be a happy stepparent.

Not in two decades, not when the stepkids move out, not when [insert whatever miracle you are waiting for may happen]. 

I think it's possible much sooner than that. Maybe even today.

Would it feel good to come home to a loving partner and family where you felt seen, heard, and loved?

When we decide to get married to a person who has kids most of us have a vision of our future happy selves in our happily-ever-after dream family.

Sometimes the reality of the work it takes to create that family smacks us hard in the face.

It doesn't have to be this way.  It is possible to be happy and calm in a blended family.

Imagine for a minute...

  • Less conflict with children, stepchildren, partners, in-laws, or exes 
  • Feeling empowered in your identity in your family
  • Feeling relaxed, comfortable and at peace in your home (even when your step-kids are there or on transition days)
  • Feeling in control of your time and calendar and being able to plan ahead without stress or anxiety

Why this Work matters To Me

My experience as a stepmom is just personal experience. 

When I began to dig into the work of creating the curriculum for my coaching something happened that was a little weird. I got a little bit mad. 

Why? Because it shouldn't be this way. Stepparents shouldn't be this under supported. 

What do I mean. 

I mean that the data is there to show us that a large number of families are blended families or stepfamilies. Pew Research estimates 40% and that has been the number for three decades. (click this link for source) .

I mean that the research on tools that help is also out there...but just not where you might be looking. The answers are probably  not in the text book that was used to teach a family counselor in the 1990s ...which means that they may not be in your therapists office.  It's a big frustration to me why mainstream family support resources have continued to ignore stepparents for decades. I can rant about this for hours. I'll spare you that, here. 

Listen, if you want to become a foster parent there is an orientation and training process. Hopefully. It's my understanding that this is also true if you want to adopt a child.  There is a process and there are support tools. But for stepparents ...this doesn't exist. We are invited to jump into the boiling water with no life raft. 

Several years ago I quietly spoke the words to my business coach, "I think I could help stepparents." Over the years this has become a powerful personal mission for me. You deserve this information. Your family deserves these tools. 

About Amy Stone

Amy Stone is a certified Life Coach. She helps stepparents create the life and home they crave. She is a wife, a mom, a stepmom, a runner, a triathlete, a writer, a podcaster, and a coach. Her kids are just about almost adults and her stepkids are grown and flown. She brings over 20 years of real-world experience in a blended family to her coaching work. She is a self-proclaimed blended family expert and a high-conflict family communications ninja.  

She shares authentic personal experiences and unapologetically advocates for empowerment and happiness for stepparents who are on their own unique blended-family journey.

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How can I help you feel happier, today?

I have two types of support that I offer. I create FREE written and audio resources.  You can read articles here and you can also pick up my book. I also offer 1:1 personalized coaching. And there are self-directed educational products that you can purchase.


The fastest improvement often comes from coaching. My coaching is personal and 1-1.  Packages start at six weeks. We start with a no-risk call. Click the link to learn more. 


If you are not quite ready for coaching but want to get to know Amy and her style. You can listen to her audio podcast.

What Clients Say

I felt comfortable with Amy when I first saw her.  I felt like right away I could tell her anything without the fear of judgment.  She gave me practical tips and advice on how to navigate my situation.  I'm more confident of how to tackle that issue head on when it comes my way.  Thank you Amy for coaching me.

"AH" Coaching Client

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