I invite you to join me for 30-days with no alcohol.

This will be my third year starting the year with a month of no alcohol. I call it Dry January.

One month. With no alcohol.

No booze. No hooch. Nada.

I invite you to join me for this personal challenge. You can join me in January or whenever you decide the time is right for you.

No Alcohol Challenge
I don’t drink scotch or whiskey but this is a photo from my house. The bottles are very pretty – yup. These were out for a gathering.

Why do I do this (and why I invite you to join me)?

I’m not a sobriety expert or an alcohol or substance-abuse counselor or therapist.

I am not even somebody who abstains from consuming alcohol all the time. Maybe someday that will be me but I feel like it’s important to be honest with who I am right now.

My experience with this is that it is a very interesting experiment to “take a break” from alcohol and explore personally what role alcohol plays for each of us.

When you join me in the challenge – here’s what you get.

  • My habit tracker (a very helpful tool for establishing new habits)
  • a full month of daily emails with my personal stories and tips for enjoying this month of experimentation.
  • You get to know me really well through 30 days of emails.
No Alcohol Challenge for runners and triathletes
This is several years of wine corks tossed into an ice bucket as a tabletop decoration. That’s a lot of wine!

What you won’t get in my challenge

I don’t give any preachy advice. Or non-preachy advice either.

I promise.

I’m not trying to evangelize sobriety or influence you as to what you do with your decisions about drinking alcohol.

I don’t judge your choices.

No judgement at all.

I’m simply here to offer my support you if you want to try this for a month and see how it goes.

I share my past experiences, books and podcasts I’ve read and entertaining stories along the way.

I’m serious about this. I have neither the desire nor am I qualified to give advice or an opinion on whether you or anybody should consume alcohol. If you struggle with this decision you should speak to a qualified counselor or medical doctor and I fully support that decision. It’s just not what I do.

This challenge is for the sober curious runner and triathlete

This is for you if you are curious about how a drink or two might be impacting your training.

Or your weight.

Or your eating decisions.

Or your sleep.

Or your finances or your relationships.

Or anything else that you might be wondering about your body and your relationship to alcohol.

If you have those questions or any others and want to try a month with no alcohol, no booze, no hooch … then you will enjoy this challenge.

Did I mention that it’s free? Yes. There is no charge. And no obligation. I am a running and triathlon coach so there is no bigger program that is pitched at the end.

How to join

I will be doing this live in January.

Just sign up by submitting your name in the form. On this page.

This kicks off an email sequence for 31 days because January has 31 days.

It goes live on 1/1/2021.

Did you find this after 1/1/2021.

That’s okay

Here’s a not so secret secret … if you sign up after that time it just starts for you then. You haven’t missed anything.

Why offer this?

Why not?

Okay that’s not super helpful. I put this together because I want to support my clients and prospective clients who are curious about their relationship to alcohol. It’s a common question I get in coaching triathletes. Should I drop alcohol. My answer is: that’s up to you. Try it and see if you like your life better.


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