5 Simple 
to get 

Writers call it writer's block. 

But it happens to ALL of us. 

Have you lost motivation ... your mojo?


It happens. 

We know that we want to take action and do the thing and yet … we don’t.

So WHAT can we do to get unstuck? 

Do we just muscle through?

Sometimes this is called sucking it up … 

Eh … maybe that will work for a bit. 

But in my experience (buttercup) not for long and and not always.

Download These Simple Steps

Get ready to take some easy and simple action to shake up your day and get unstuck. 

3 Reasons to download these HACKS

1. Feeling stuck doesn't feel good.

2. Getting help to start getting unstuck can be simple

3. Some stuff in life really should be simple


This is an instantly downloadable PDF. 

Once you enter your name and email (and confirm because those are the email rules) 

you will be directed to download the file.

You can read it on your computer, tablet or even your phone. 

You can print it out and save it. 

Whichever works best for you. 


Sign up to download the 5 simple steps (HACKS if you will) 

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See you soon!


Amy Stone is a life coach and triathlon and running coach. She is a 7 time Ironman Triathlon finisher and 8 time marathon finisher. 

She has coached and mentored hundreds of people to finish their first marathons, half marathons, triathlons, half iron distance triathlons and Ironman triathlons. In almost every case those individuals started with the idea that this was probably impossible for them. With Amy's guidance --> they went on to do it.

Amy is also the host of the award-winning podcast called Mile after Mile where she finds and shares the stories of regular people who do amazing things in endurance sports and life.

Overtime Amy saw that the life skills she was sharing with her endurance sports clients had a much broader application in life overall. In 2020 she began to coach individuals who were looking to level up in their lives these same principles. 

You can find more about Amy at amysaysso.com