7 Tips to IMPROVE Communication and REDUCE Conflict!

Conflict is a part of the natural human experience.  

Most people agree that ... conflict doesn't feel good. 


What if it could be better?

What if YOU had the skills and could just make the fighting stop.  

What if you had the tools to create more harmony in your home and stop walking on eggshells (without feeling like a doormat)?


You are in luck because improving your communication skills can quickly reduce conflict in blended families.

Download these 7 quick tips to help you improve your communication skills. 

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What you get

Designed to make a difference for you quickly

When you have conflict in your life you want it to stop. Right now. Perhaps what you really want is for it not to have started in the first place. This is my goal in creating this mini workbook for you.

#1 Tools -- Not deep Theory

This is not a book on conflict theory it is tips designed to help you quickly make improvements in your personal situation.

#2 Bite sized to apply immediately

When you have conflict this is not the time for a big lesson or a series of complex steps. This is 7 bite-sized simple action steps to help you reduce conflict by improving communication. 

#3 apply skills you already have

These 7 tips are skills you probably already have and you can apply them directly when things conflict comes up in your family. 

4 ways this guide can help

Conflict happens and often it follows a pattern. You may have experienced this yourself feeling like you repeat the same experience over and over. The good news is that this e-book can help you identify what's happening and chart a new path.

Gotta know where the fire is in order to put it out.

This guide can help you figure out what the sources of your conflict are.

Simple Action Steps

Once you identify the source of conflict use simple action steps to actually disrupt and reduce conflict. 

Small shifts - big changes

These are 7 tips that you can try out in small doses to see the immediate impact they have on the communication in your home. 

Less conflict = More joy

What will you do with the time you currently spend experiencing conflict or worrying about future conflict? 

Your Next Step...

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About Amy Stone

I am a life coach that helps adults in blended families go from chaos to calm. 

I am a mom, step-mom and even a step-grandmom ...but we just say grandmom. My step-kids are adults and I've lived through the adjustment of blending families. This has included lots of struggles and lessons along the way.  I can share my experiences along the journey of young step-kids to adult step-kids.

I want you to take what I've learned in over 20 years of blended family living which has included plenty of conflict and apply these tips immediately to your life.

It's not just my experience as a step-mom and mom. Studying communication is a life-long passion of mine. Using communication to create positive experiences within groups is a skill I've worked on both personally and professionally.

Outside of coaching blending families I love to run marathons and  very long triathlons -- all in the name of fun.