Quick Facts about Amy Stone

  1. I am a certified life coach. I help stepparents reduce drama, conflict and uncertainty in their daily lives and instead create a life and home they love.
  2. Trained in restorative mediation techniques to support parents who are involved in divorce, co-parenting or other situations that include conflict.
  3. I am a part of a blended family. 4 kids (2 step and 2 bio). I'm a grandma too. 
  4. I am trained in trauma and stress response  modalities. I offer trauma informed resources and support.   
  5. I am a communication expert. I have a degree in mass communications, persuasive communications and interpersonal communications.  I am trained in high-conflict communication as a dispute resolution strategy.

How does life coaching help stepparents?

Newsflash:  Being an adult can be HARD.

I don't know about you, but I did not get an instruction book on how to be a good stepparent, parent or even just a good adult.

Being a stepparent is a famously challenging role. The title of "mom" is often associated with descriptions like cherished or beloved but "stepmom" is paired with wicked or evil. I don't know anybody who as a little girl dreams of growing up and being the wicked stepmom. 

It is not uncommon for the role of stepparent to be described as the hardest job.

My life coaching for stepparents is heavily informed by my personal experiences as a stepparent. In my experience as a stepparent there is very little support available to stepparents or blended families. 

Life coaching can be helpful for stepparents to create an intentional plan that includes stability, security and happiness for themselves and their family of choice. 

Amy Stone, Life Coach

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YOU are WELCOME here with ME

My life and my many successes are partly due to the many people who paved a path for me and welcomed me along the way. Part of my life philosophy - my core values is to extend this welcome to others along the way. 

My coaching is not a ministry and it's not affiliated with any specific religion. In fact, in my own house, we celebrate holidays and practice traditions from multiple religions. 

Regardless of your race, your religion, your personal pronouns, your gender identity, your sexual preferences, your country of origin, your physical abilities, or whatever makes you unique. You are welcome here with me. 

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