Quick Facts about Amy Stone

  1. I work as a life coach for stepparents and adults in blended families. I am a certified Life Coach, Certified Ironman Triathlon Coach and a Certified Running Coach.
  2. I am a part of a blended family. 4 kids (2 step and 2 bio). I'm a grandma too.
  3. I have completed 7 full Ironman Triathlons and 8 Full Marathons
  4. I consider myself to be a blended family expert.
  5. I am a ninja level expert communicator. I studied mass communications, persuasive communications and interpersonal communications.

Why do I coach adults in blended-families?

I spent most of my life swearing that I'd never be anything like my mom. With a side mission to avoid the mistakes my father made. 

I'm not kidding. My big guiding north star in life was to try not to do the things my parents did. Turns out adulting is a little more complex than that.

Here's my thinking on this. 

Being an adult is HARD.

Being a stepparent can be a really tough role. One reason I think it's tough is that there's nobody who tells us how we're supposed to do this or how to know if we've done it right. 

Where is the awards table? How do I get my gold star?

Then I became a parent and learned that being a parent is also not...at...all easy.

I did not get an instruction book on how to do either of these things.

Did you?

I also struggled to find role models as a stepparent.

I often felt like I should know how to do things that I did not at all feel like I knew how to do or who to ask.

I strugged to find people to ask for advice. I strugged to get answers that helped. 

I used to make a joke during tough parenting moments where I would turn around and look for the real adult only to realize that the only adult around was me. If whatever family crisis was going to get resolved I had to be a part of that. That can be exhausting. 

I read a lot of books and I learned that knowing a lot about how and why things happens helps some but what helps more is when you find a guide to help you figure out what you want to actually do.

I got a lot of help along the way as I learned about being a wife, a step-parent, a parent and overall being the best version of ME. 

There's a good chance I've been in a situation like where you are. Maybe not exactly but perhaps and I know how much it meant to me to find people who could help me be happier in my family, in my home and in my life. 

The reason I coach stepparents and adults in blended families is that I really wish there had been somebody like me to help me when I was a new stepparent. 

Amy Stone

Amy Stone, Life Coach

How my coaching philosophy helps YOU

The world is full of coaches who will promise to fix everything for you. 

And it always turns out that they don't actually DO the WORK. We have to do our own work.

It is my intention to give you tools that you can use yourself to create your best life. 

I help you learn how to be heard without yelling and screaming.

I work with you to identify what is causing the sense of conflict in your family life and empower you to create a path forward. 

I help you discover your version of the parent, step-parent or just adult you want to be seen and feel loved in this role. 

I help you find and create support systems within your family structure.

I help you remove the things you want less of in your life. Like drama and stress. Because that makes space for calm and joy.

Get to know me a little bit here

YOU are WELCOME here with ME

My life and my many successes are partly due to the many people who paved a path for me and welcomed me along the way. Part of my life philosophy - my core values is to extend this welcome to others along the way. 

Many coaches and bloggers are "faith-based" and that's fabulous for them. This is particularly true when in the parenting and family "niche." Which is the reason I will mention that this site and my coaching is not affiliated with any religion. In fact, in my own house we celebrate holidays and practice traditions from multiple religions. 

I support and empower parents and step-parents and to be beautifully blunt families do not look like they did in the 1950s or even in the 1980s. This is why how our parents and grandparents did things doesn't work anymore. Whatever your family looks like -- that's okay with me. 

Regardless of your race, your religion, your personal pronouns, your gender identity, your sexual preferences, your country of origin, your physical abilities, whatever makes you unique. You are welcome here with me. 

Your Next Step ...

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