Beautiful, Brave Boundaries

This is a self-directed online course.

Boundaries are an often misunderstood tool in families. 

Created by a stepparent this course is designed specifically for stepparents and people with complicated families.

Topics Covered by Beautiful Brave Boundaries

Boundary Basics

What is a boundary, how do they work, can stepparents even have boundaries?

Time Boundaries

What does a time boundary look like?

Money Boundaries

Money is the top source of friction in families. How can you use boundaries to empower yourself within your family?

Resource Boundaries

Are the people you live with driving you nuts by using your stuff without asking? Find out how to set a boundary to protect your stuff.

Body Boundaries

How to set and establish boundaries around your one and only human body.

Emotional Boundaries

Your ideas and emotions are yours. How do you honor and protect them even if you live with people who have an entirely different set of ideas and emotions?

Space Boundaries

Do you feel like your family is not respecting your deep felt need for personal space? How can you set up your own space and protect it without seeming like a selfish meanie?

Noise Boundaries

My kids ... and sometimes my whole family can be loud. As a new stepmom I learned how to create boundaries to feel peaceful with my beautiful, boisterous and sometimes very loud blended family.

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Let Me Tell You More About
Beautiful, Brave Boundaries

Boundaries are a common theme in relationship and family coaching. 

Good fences make good neighbors. Is an old-timey saying that sounds like it should be a lyric in a country-western song. 

Boundaries are sometimes more complicated than people initially think they will be. A poorly defined boundary can be like an explosive landmine in a family. 

Without boundaries stepparents can feel like they are an unappreciated doormat in a family...actually without boundaries many stepparents will begin to question if they are even a part of their family.

One of the best skills I've learned (over and over again) in my experience as a stepparent, a wife, a mom, and all my other roles is how to set and enforce my own boundaries in my family. 

Boundaries might feel more complicated to you if you are a new stepparent or even if your role in your family has shifted lately. I've gone through probably dozens of layers of this over the last few decades. You are not powerless. You are your own person and you are worthy of having good boundaries around the parts of you and your life that are important to you. 

Amy Stone

Cool Stuff You'll learn:


What makes a good boundary in a family.


Planning a helpful boundary.


How to enforce a boundary without blowing up your whole family.


How to communicate a boundary in a loving and supportive way.


True stories of stepparents setting and enforcing helpful boundaries.

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About Amy Stone

Long story very short more than 20 years ago Amy became a stepparent. She charged into her new life and new role with all the confidence that a single 20-something has about a new exciting life...and was pretty quickly confronted with the reality of stepparenting that caught her very much by surprise.

Did she quit? Well no...but if we're being honest about it she thought about it. 

She quickly added 2 more kids to the family and through trial and error ...lots and lots of error she found her way and built a life and family that she loves. 

When the kids grew up she decided to use what she'd learned to help support other stepparents in their journey. 

Get Your Copy of Beautiful, Brave Boundaries Today for $9