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You are invited to be one of the first people to read my book. This is the first edition of this book, released May of 2023.

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    “Amy uses stories from her own experience to illustrate her own step parenting successes over 20 years. Frank descriptions of mistakes she made adds credibility to her advice. Her self-depreciating humor in this brilliant handbook makes you feel happy that she’s by your side."

    Pat Butler, co-author of “My Divorce Journal: A Guided Path to Moving Forward"

    What you get:

    This is the first edition of my book, Blend!

    It is delivered as a PDF file.

    It is 83 pages of goodness.

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    What is This all about?

    I have perhaps thousands of my own stories from 20 years as a stepparent. Plus, I've had hundreds of conversations with stepparents over the past few years.

    In this book, I share my top 10 tips or lessons and the charming and entertaining stories of how I learned this stuff.

    As a reader of the first edition, I am hopeful that you will provide feedback on what I have created in the form of reviews, testimonials, suggestions, and maybe you'll even catch a typo or two.

    If you find the book helpful, I also hope that in the future you'll help me spread the word.