Quickly Assess Your Blended Family Strengths and Struggle Spots

Would you be surprised to know that almost all family conflict falls into one of 6 categories?

It's true. 

Blended families too. 

Would you like to figure out where your family is strong together and where your family is perhaps needing more support?

I designed a short and easy activity to help with this. 

Enter your information and get started right away. 

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How does this assessment help you and your family?

You might already have an idea of what is working

Most of my clients have an idea of what is working and not working in their family when we start. This assessment might confirm what you are already thinking. That's nice to know, right?

You might discover something unexpected

Sometimes we think we know what the problem is but we aren't always correct. That means we're putting energy in the wrong spots to try and make things better. That's super helpful to know.

It's free

This is a free activity. All you have to provide is your email address. 

It's confidential

This activity is all done old school there is not a quiz app recording your answers. Please I hope you have zero concerns about what you share being recorded by me. Except your name and email ... I do ask for that up front. 

Get Immediate Access to this family strengths assessment