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How to set and Enforce Boundaries as a Stepparent {Without feeling like a Meanie.}

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About this Boundaries Masterclass

It's not uncommon for adults in stepfamilies to feel like setting boundaries is hard or even out of their control. This can be a very unpleasant feeling. 

As a stepmom myself, I feel that learning how I could define and set boundaries is one of the most empowering skills that I acquired. Some of this I was taught and some I think I figured out by myself. I would love to share what I've learned with you. 

What you’ll learn in this Masterclass
  • The 7 categories of boundaries that show up in families and how these boundaries can be benefit you and help you feel secure, desired and happy in your home and with your blended family.  
  • Why I consider enforcing boundaries an advanced skill that is worth learning about before you jump in with both feet.
  • The most common things that go wrong when people try to define and implement boundaries in families. This is helpful because it can help you avoid these same mistakes.  
  • All of this in under 40 minutes.

About Amy

I am an experienced stepparent who mentors, coaches and educates stepparents, adults in blended families to help reduce stress and create the family life you deeply desire.