Welcome. You are here because you have registered for the Back-to-School Summit.

The summit will be live on August 30th 2022.
If for any reason you miss the summit while it is live. Don’t worry because these sessions will go to the vault. I will let you know how you can get access to them if you want.

As a bonus for registering I want to share this video with you that started this whole project.

12 Situations That Make Back-to-School Feel Stressful for Stepparents

In this video I’m going to share the dozen situations that I think can be stressful for going back to school. This is based on my experience as a stepmom and a mom. 1. Forms and Appointments 2. Splitting Supplies 3. Who goes to meetings 4. Different standards 5.

Watch for emails with details as we get closer to the event.


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