Let's Make this Back to School Season the BEST it can BE!

The start of a school year is a busy time-of-year for everybody involved.

For blended families and / or families that for any number of reasons may have more than one home there can be extra complexities. 

It's estimated that perhaps as much as 60 - 70 % of school aged children in the USA fit this description. 

And yet in my experience almost all the materials, advice and guidance for this very intense time of year simply don't seem to be designed to support families that include stepparents, divorced parents, single parents or children who transition between two or more homes during the school year. 

That's why I decided to create this summit. For us. The parents and stepparents and single parents.

back to school blended families

The live summit has ended.

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August 2022

Why Sign Up for THIS Summit?

This summit is for you if you are a stepparent or a parent who shares custody of a school-aged child.

My intention with this summit is to provide helpful and supportive information that will help you and your entire family have a more enjoyable back-to-school experience. From people who not only know a lot about this - they also have personal experience to share. 

The back-to-school rush always seemed to catch me by surprise. No matter how far I planned ahead surprises came up that just seemed to appear out of nowhere. I remember once my stepdaughter's summer camp ended the Friday before school started and we ended up driving for 2 days pretty much straight through just to make sure she was home to start school. 

Time and Resource Management Tips

Keeping track of things in a busy family is a big job and in a blended family where kids possibly go between houses keeping track of the kids, the food, the assignments, the projects, the uniforms ... the socks. OMG the forms ... It can be overwhelming. 

Strategies to communicate effectively with teachers and school staff

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How to spot stress in our kids

Yes, kids are resilient. Which is amazing. 
Also this can be challenging for kids and stress can show up at school. Being aware of some of the ways that stress might show up in kids at school can be helpful. 

About your Host...Amy

Your host for this summit is Amy Stone. 

She a stepmom, a mom and a grandma. 

Amy is a life coach who works to empower adults in blended families. 

How this Back to School Virtual Summit Works

  • This all happens one day. August 30, 2022.
  • Each day there are between 1-3 presentations and you have that entire day to watch them at your convenience
  • It's all online and streaming
  • Registration is free
  • If you miss the presentations when they are live during the summit - you will be offered an opportunity to watch them later.
  • If you make your way to this page and the summit date has passed - don't worry we can give you information for how you can get access to all the amazing materials.

Meet The Speakers

I'm so excited to introduce you to these speakers.

Each of my guests in this summit are dedicated to their topics. They have professional and personal knowledge and experience to share. 

Stay tuned for the speaker announcements here.

Communication Tips with Teachers and School Staff in Blended Families. 

Jennifer Boudrye

Tips to organize all the meetings, events, sports and school stuff in a Blended Family.

Leonard Greenberger

Leonard Greenberger

How to Spot when School Stress Shows up at School and at Home Stress Shows up at School.

Michelle Shilvock

Tips and strategies for co-parenting with a high-conflict parent in terms of strong boundaries, clear communication, and empowering the kids to thrive at school.

Vicky Lynn

Vickie Lynn

Helpful Mindset Tips for Navigating the Busy School Year in a Blended Family.

Amy Stone

What you can learn

The goal of the Back to School Virtual Summit for Blended families is that you leave feeling prepared, empowered and enthusiastic about the start of the school year in your house. 

Tips to manage time with less stress

Even just one tip that helps organize homework, forms, family meals, field trips, is worth it.

Strategies to face conversations with school administrators and teachers

This could be an entire summit filled with a variety of speakers. Help to have either tough or delicate conversations with teachers, counselors, deans, principals. 

Ways to avoid burnout and overwhelm from all the seemingly endless details and surprises

As stepparents and parents we sometimes make jokes about how overwhelming and hard it can be to manage it all. What if there were ways to hopefully avoid that feeling?

Now wouldn't that be great?

A sense of support and knowing that you aren't alone in this journey

Being a stepparent can be lonely. Being in a blended family can feel like you're walking a journey that's different from everybody else's. Knowing that others are experiencing something similar is empowering.