Crack the [secret] code of being a stepparent

This is an introductory course to help you master the most powerful things that can improve your experience as a stepparent and start you on a path to create the life you love for yourself (and your family).

Summer 2023 Be a part of the premier!

Crack The Code Is A Brand New Approach To Being A Step Parent

Crack the Code is a course built for real people, based on real experiences. There are six foundational lessons delivered by video.

These lessons were inspired first by Amy's own experience and refined by the experience of hundreds of different experiences of stepparents and adults in blended families. 

Crack the Code is designed to  support you and give you an amazing personalized experience while honoring the sensitive nature of private family issues.

There are no group sessions where you need to show up and air your dirty laundry. Your information is private.

Crack the Code is rooted in peace and love. Right now you might be feeling confusion, resentment and maybe even anger. 

Each of the six interactive modules is designed to give you simple tools that you can apply right away with what you already have at your finger tips to start feeling better.  

Crack the Code offers an individual and customized experience for each participant with direct access to Amy as a coach. 

Crack The Code Is Taking the Fast Track to Feeling Better

Here’s What You Get

Crack the Code includes 6 individual interactive lessons that will be delivered to you. In addition each week you will have the opportunity to ask questions directly to coach Amy and get personalized answers. The module topics are:

  • Words and Trees
  • Unpacking Heavy Baggage
  • Passengers and Drivers
  • Stepping into the best version of you
  • Control what matters most
  • Intentional Action to Create your Best Life (Camelot)

Is Crack The Code For YOU?


If you are a stepparent who is thinking to yourself ... well golly gee I admit that I thought this was going to go a little more smoothly than it is.

Or ... perhaps you are thinking to yourself... I'm not feeling all that good about my situation at the moment. Or even, I dunno what I'm supposed to do here and I really would like some support from a person who is a stepparent like me. 

I created this course for you. 

Adults in a Complex Family

You might be the parent in a stepfamily or a blended family and be looking for support. You could be a parent in a co-parenting relationship and your former spouse is remarried and now there is a stepmom in your children's life.


I made this course for you. 

Considering becoming a Stepparent

About half of my coaching clients are individuals who are not yet committed to being a stepparent.

You might be in a relationship and considering maybe making a commitment. Perhaps you are in a spot where you want to know more about what you should know before you commit. 

This course can definitely help you.

imagine if I could save you time and anguish...Wouldn't you want that for yourself and your family?

Now imagine your daily life without the extra stress and confusion.


You can Be a part of the premier of Crack the Code

Starting in the summer of 2023 Amy is delivering the first of this special program. You can be a part of this very first event. As a bonus for being a part of the first version ... you get a super special reduced price. There is a chance that there might be a few technical hiccups because the delivery hasn't been tested yet. 

HOw much direct Access will I have to Coach Amy?

All of the training modules and worksheets are delivered asynchronously. That's a fancy word for you don't have to show up live for anything. This allows Amy to focus on creating the content in a way that is entertaining and educational. For each module you will have a chance to ask your own personal questions that Amy will answer directly. 

Will I have to share my personal stories of my family with strangers?

This is a simultaneous experience that a group will go through together. Amy understands that the information about our families is personal and private. You may have the opportunity to hear about the experiences of others during the course. You will not be dumped into a facebook group or other community platform and asked to share any information. All support and expertise will come from coach Amy.

Is there a guarantee?

I am happy to guarantee that I will do my best to provide an excellent experience for you as my client. It is my motivation to give you an excellent experience that you will enjoy and see immediate benefits in your life. I stand behind the value of the information that I teach. Delivery of the content is what I guarantee. If you are dissatisfied I am happy to discuss a refund on an individual basis. 

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Crack the Code!

We start in summer of 2023. This content is brand new and this is the first time it has been offered in this way. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this special event.