Crack the [SECRET] Code

A foundational interactive course designed for stepparents to be able to fast-track their progress within their own families.

Without knowing you at all I can just guess that this is not the first thing that you have tried in order to improve your daily life as a stepparent. 

You are here because the things you've tried ...didn't work. Or they didn't work enough.

It's probably not your fault. You were offered solutions that are probably decent solutions but they don't work without the foundational knowledge. It's like trying to open a locked door without a key (with enough hard effort you might be able to do it but it's a lot easier if you have the key. Not just any key though needs to be the correct key for the door. 

Crack the code is unique

This is a group coaching program made specifically for stepparents and people thinking about becoming stepparents. That all by itself makes it special.

It's not a parenting course though. It's a life coaching course. 

I created this course after coaching many stepparents individually and observing that my clients experienced exponential improvement towards their goals when they understood these specific foundational skills. 

What's inside?

This is a very broad overview of the modules you'll find inside the Crack the Code Course.

This course is offered as an asynchronous group program. Amy leads a group of students through the modules and offers individualized support and attention but also each student completes the curriculum on their own. This allows for privacy which is helpful for personal family situations. 

  • Words and Trees (a primer on blended family or stepfamily vocabulary and a new way to think about your family tree.
  • Unpacking heavy baggage (what it is, why it matters and how to get started doing this by yourself)
  • Who are the passengers and who is the driver? (Can you choose your role and if so how?)
  • Stepping into your best you within your family.
  • Taking control
  • How to create your own Camelot (and what does that even mean)

About your instructor, Amy.

Amy Stone is a life coach and the creator of the coaching company Amy Says So. She is the author of the book, Blend!. She is herself a stepmom and a mom. All of her kids are grown or nearly grown. She has decades of personal experience. 

Before she was a life coach for stepparents Amy did fitness coaching for adult runners and triathlon because running is her lifelong hobby and it was a career that fit well into the requirements of her life with her big blended family. 

Amy was trained and certified as a life coach by the University for Life Coach Training (ULCT). Nobody was more surprised than her when she decided to begin coaching other stepmoms. That's not true. Amy's husband was very surprised and more than a little bit concerned about the whole thing. 

Amy is deeply committed to her work with stepparents because she knows how challenging this journey is and how tough it was for her to find support. She feels that stepparents deserve quality support to help them live their own best lives. 

Amy lives in sunny Miami, Florida. She loves sunshine and the beaches. She loves cultures and languages and speaks and is a lifelong student of languages. When she isn't helping stepparents find happiness empowerment and fulfillment she might be out for a run or a walk, reading a book, listening to music or experimenting in the kitchen. 

Pricing for Crack the Code

 you get the entire course for just $9.

This is not a typo. It's a new course with totally new content, a new tech platform and really just everything is new.


* What does asynchronous mean? This means that while all the participants are on the same schedule there are no required live events. Each week a training module is opened up for you and you can access the materials whenever it is convenient to you. Amy contacts each registrant by email weekly and offers direct support for your questions. You do NOT need to attend a live session to have questions answered. 

* How is privacy protected in a group course? Amy interacts with each participant directly. No personal or confidential information is shared between participants. 

* What about refunds and guarantees. Amy stands behind the information that is offered in this course. She will do her own personal best to deliver a great experience for you. This is a life coaching course and it is also a digital course. It is factual to say that you will get out of it what you put in. On the other hand Amy herself has purchased online courses that she wished she hadn't so if you don't think it's worth the price you are welcome to ask for a refund and she'll be happy to consider it.