Free Video Training to Breakthrough Overwhelm in Your Blended Family with 3 Simple Steps

A Truth: Overwhelm and Happy don't go together

As a new stepmom I sometimes felt overwhelmed.

Who am I kidding?

It wasn't just sometimes.

This happened a lot. 

There were times where I cried myself to sleep and questioned whether it was even possible for me to be happy in my blended family.

When I was overwhelmed or frustrated or burnt out then I wasn't happy. I wanted to be content and happy. 

I thought that maybe there would be a time where I would get this "figured out" then there would be no more overwhelm and just happy. 

Trapped in a cycle of overwhelm

What I learned was that overwhelm could show up anytime there was a shift in my life.

As a stepmom and a mom there have been a lot of shifts over the past 20 years.

I can bet your life is similar.

Instead of looking at each thing one at a time my life, my mood it all dramatically improved when I learned a system for how to break the cycle.

This is what I want to offer you.

I have created a 4 part video training to share what I've learned about overwhelm and how to break the cycle so that you can feel happy in blended families. 

You can watch the first video below. It is eleven minutes long and introduces a tool I call the "cup of contentment." 

Then you can enter your email information to watch the next three videos. 

What if you could really truly feel better in your blended family?

More than 20 years in a blended family has given me a chance to learn a lot of ways that I can navigate a whole variety of situations. 

This is what I wish I had somebody teach me at the start of my journey as a stepmom. 

I could not have explained this at the beginning of my stepparent journey because it is based on my lived experience.

I could not have taught this until I became a coach. 

I combine my lived experience in my training into this powerful tool that I want to share with you today.

Why do You Feel Overwhelmed? 

What does overwhelm feel like. How can you spot it for yourself and what is the first step to take to understand this situation. In the first video I teach what I call the cup of contentment.

Introducing my unique 3-step process to feel better

Throughout my 20+ years there were many times where I felt like I understood what was wrong but I still didn't know what I could do about it. I share with you what I learned to do and how it helped. I hope it helps you as well.

How to get out of the weeds and back to living

When our families are in overwhelm all we can see and feel is the chaos, the stress and frustration. In this video training I share how I learned to stop that cycle and take the next step.

Help from a person who has been there

As a stepmom I personally struggled to find support and help from people who had similar struggles AND who were motivated to try to make it work. I found a lot of people who were more than ready to tell me I should give up and quit. I didn't quit. This is why I share what did work for me. 

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