Free Video Training: Three Steps to Breakthrough Overwhelm in Blended Families

Enjoy this masterclass with 4 training videos. 

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I truly believe that you can be happy in your blended family.

I cannot guarantee your happiness...that's impossible, probably unethical and maybe not legal.

But.... while the world is full of stories of people who struggle and are unhappy in the role of stepparent (seriously how often to you even hear a success story) I am proof that it is possible.

I once had a business coach that gave me messaging advice that I should to pretend that I had a solution to a huge problem that would help lots and lots of people.

I don't have to pretend. 

Struggling in a blended family, struggling after remarriage is a huge problem for a lot of people and I truly believe deep down inside my heart that I can help.

This is the information I wish I had been given at the start of my blended family.  I truly hope that you find it helpful. 

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What is Overwhelm? 

This is video one and it is about the Cup of Contentment. You may have watched this already. If so... go to the next video.

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Introducing: my 3 Step Process to break the cycle

Get to know Amy a little bit and learn the first step in my 3-step process to breaking the cycle of overwhelm.

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How to create something you've never had or seen before

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Third part of my 3-step process -- DO the things that make life better.

In this short video I share the two mistakes I see a lot when it comes to taking action to reduce overwhelm and what to do about it instead. 

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