Hi, I‘m Amy and I play Bingo

I'm a stepmom and a mom...and if it matters I'm also what is sometimes called a "daughter of divorce" 

And after a lot of complex family holidays I happen to have some tools to share. 

One of these is called Family Holiday Bingo

Instant Download of The Family Bingo Card

You get the printable bingo card and directions. But most important you get a tool to help you enjoy the family gatherings that you are a part of.

Printable Bingo Card

I made it for you to print

Simple Instructions

Honestly it's bingo... it's not too complicated

A tool to Help Enjoy the Holidays

A simple tool to add joy. 

Suggestions of How to use it

I give some suggestions of things that can to onto your bingo card

Why Bingo?

Click to play

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