You need a Habit Tracker

Humans ... like you and to set up routines.


Because it simplifies our lives and saves our valuable brain power. This simple factoid about humans makes creating new habits ... HARD. A habit tracker is a very simple tool that you can use to help you set up new habits, track your progress, reinforce the desired behaviors and see how you're doing. I give my habit tracker worksheet away for free.

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A Habit Tracker is Best For ...

Setting up a morning routine

Is your morning routine not working. Use the habit tracker to help you see where yours is breaking down and set up a new routine.

Busy People who want to make the most of their days

You have stuff to get done. I know it! If you are getting to the end of your day and the things you want to do aren't making the "to-do" list cut a habit tracker can help you improve that.

A tool to help you stop skipping that workout you keep skipping!

If you tell yourself you'll do a workout (or some other daily task) and you keep skipping that ... a habit tracker may help you figure out why and change that. 

Drink more water, eat more veggies, eat less sweets.

All these little habits that you want to change or reinforce and they seem to sneak back into your day anyway. A habit tracker is a super simple way to help you affect the change you are working to make. 

How a Habit Tracker Works


Once you download your habit tracker you print it out.


Determine what actions you want to repeat and on what schedule.


Each day track whether you achieve these or not. Mark the boxes for 31 days in a row. 


Celebrate success with new desired habits. And also see what's not working. Make changes and repeat.

Low - Tech, Simple, EFFECTIVE

A habit tracker is very low tech. It's a worksheet. It takes about 10 minutes to print it and set it up. Then about 3 minutes (maybe less) each day to implement. It's so simple that you might think ... how could this ever actually work. Truthfully ... low tech, simple solutions can be insanely effective. This tool is based on several behavioral cues all in one place. Try it and you may be pleasantly surprised how fast you adjust your patterns.

Why focus on habits?

A habit is something you do without even putting much thought into it. Like brushing your teeth.It's not totally automatic like breathing or sleeping or walking. A habit is something you can almost do while you are still kind of asleep. It's almost automatic. Imagine if you could take the behaviors you are struggling to do and turn them into habits you did without struggle. 

Keep the streak

First you do something once and it's a novelty. Then if you repeat it you create a streak and once you set up a streak ... well the streak and maintaining the streak becomes it's own motivation. 

Big changes come from small steps

If you can take the big changes you want and break it into smaller individual behaviors they are easier to do. For example, before you can run you want to put on your shoes. Mapping that out and building in reinforcement for completing the steps and before you know it you have done some big stuff. 

Amy Stone

Look - it's me ... standing very nonchalantly in the middle of the street.


I'm Amy Stone

I'm a certified life coach, a certified Ironman triathlon coach and a running coach. 

Wanna know the #1 thing I have helped runners and triathletes do in order to achieve their gigantic goals? Well, it's set up easily repeatable habits to support their training goals.  

I am a 7-time Ironman finisher and an 8 time marathon finisher. I'm also a business owner and I have 4 (not a typo) FOUR kids. In order to make all that work I became a habit creation ninja. Like a master ninja. I'm happy to share my tools with you. 

What you get

Downloadable Printable

This part is very simple and you've probably done it a zillion times before. You put your email in and you are directed to a place do download the printable. You print it out and get started. 

A real life example

Sometimes even very simple things can feel overwhelming without an actual example. You think you've got it and then when faced with an empty page you get stuck.

After you download this printable I will share with you a short video of me using the habit tracker myself. 

Who came up with a habit tracker?

I'm pretty smart but I didn't invent this. I learned it from a mentor. When they shared it with me I was very skeptical. What is up with this worksheet. How can it be so effective. But I decided to give it a try. After all what did I have to lose. I mean if it didn't work I would just be where I already was. And go figure ... before long I was thinking to myself ... oooh gotta drink my water so I can check off my habit tracker box. Thanks Hal (he's my mentor who taught me this). 


If you get stuck I'm here for you. Once you've downloaded the habit tracker I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. You can send me an email or I'll even jump on a phone call with you. Yup... it's true.

5 Simple Hacks to help you get unstuck

We all get stuck sometimes.

Stuck in our exercise routine.

Stuck in our work routine.

Stuck in our eating habit routine.

Stuck in our sleeping routine.

Stuck in our relationship (or dating) routine.

Being stuck doesn't feel good.

Getting unstuck feels phenomenal.

Here are 5 simple steps you can take today to get started getting unstuck.

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