Let's Make this Winter Holiday Season the best it can be!

Winter Holidays can be a minefield of complications in a blended family.

Listen, the holidays can be rough for any family but sometimes in a blended family it just seems exponentially more complicated.

It's estimated that perhaps as much as 60 - 70 % of school aged children in the USA fit the description of having a blend in their family.

And yet, in my experience, pretty much nobody is talking about this.

Or when they do talk about this -- it sometimes is all about how what we're doing is wrong. That's not helpful!

Why are there are no holiday card templates for the divorced mom or the stepmom?

Where are the gift guides for grandparents shopping for their step kids.

Where is the rule book for kids trying to navigate how to keep all the extra parents and stepparents and aunts and uncles happy. 

I've been there. I've lived it as a kid and then as a stepmom and a mom.

It can feel hard and lonely.

That's why I decided to create this summit.

For us.

The parents and stepparents, divorced parents, single parents and adult children of blended families too.

The Happy Holidays Summit is November 10th and 11th, 2022. Register today.

Why Sign Up for THIS Summit?

Wouldn't it be nice if the enjoying the winter holidays was EASY?

For example, if you make a wonderful plan for a busy holiday weekend and everything just goes right as you planned it!

But that's not how it goes sometimes, is it?

There are a lot of moving parts in a blended family. Getting them to all work together over the holidays can be a roller-coaster of emotions, anxiety, fear, resentment and often a lot of second-guessing yourself.

Welcome to the happiest time of the year ...wait ...what??? 

This summit is created to share real stories and support real people through what can be a challenging time of the year. 

Real stories from people like you with families like yours

Keeping track of things in a busy family is a big job and in a blended family where kids possibly go between houses keeping track of the kids, the food, the assignments, the projects, the uniforms ... the socks. OMG the forms ... It can be overwhelming. 

Community and hopefully some laughter and joy

Practical Tips

I love a good and practical tip. A tip that when somebody gives it to me I say ... yes, that sounds helpful. And - yes, I can do that. 

There will be tips like that in this summit.

About your Host...Amy

Your host for this summit is Amy Stone. 

She a stepmom, a mom and a grandma. 

Amy is a life coach who works to empower adults in blended families.

Amy grew up with divorced parents and has really never quite known a time when the winter holiday season looked like it does in the movies.  

How This Virtual Summit Works

  • This all happens over two days.
  • Each day there are between 1-3 presentations and you have that entire day to watch them at your convenience
  • It's all online and streaming
  • Registration is free
  • If you miss the presentations when they are live during the summit - you will be offered an opportunity to watch them later.
  • If you make your way to this page and the summit date has passed - don't worry we can give you information for how you can get access to all the amazing materials.

Meet The Speakers

I'm so excited to introduce you to these speakers.

Stay tuned for the speaker announcements here.

What is different about this summit?

If you are looking for a Pinterest board to inspire you and your perfectionist ambitions into slaving away and hustling and giving it all to create magic for others ... well this is not that. 

I've tried that. Honestly, I love the magic of the holidays in bits and small pieces.

What this summit is - is real life stories to let you know that there are lots of families out there like yours creating unique and special family holiday memories. 

Bite size inspiration nuggets.

You're busy.

I get it. I mean it. I GET IT!

Watch the interviews that look good and within a few short minutes I hope you'll feel more inspired than when you started.

Been there, done it ... didn't even get a t-shirt

The sessions in this summit are conversations with real people with real stories from their real life to share with you. 

For one reason and one reason only to spread comfort and joy.

Permission granted to create the holidays that feel good to you and your family.

How can you create a holiday experience when your family doesn't look like others.

I hope that this summit will give you  tons of inspiration for ways to do that and feel full of love while you do it.

A sense of support and knowing that you aren't alone in this journey

Being a stepparent can be lonely.

Being in a blended family can feel like you're walking a journey that's different from everybody else's. Knowing that others are experiencing something similar is empowering.