How to stick to your goals

by Amy  - January 10, 2019

I read last week that by some estimates many people who set a New Year’s resolution gives up within 12 days. I couldn’t find that stat today but I found a lot of articles that say people give up by February.

Maybe you’ve already given up on your New Years Resolutions. Maybe you’re already kicking yourself for slacking. In which case I sure hope that this post about how to stick to your goals is well-timed and helpful.

I’ve set many goals that I accomplished. I’ve also set goals and failed to reach them.

I’m not perfect.

I’ve also coached people to help them reach some pretty massive goals of their own.

I think at least for me I know one thing that I do when I stick to my goals and I’ll share it with you.

I’m going to give you my number one tip here and along with some tips from other bloggers that were submitted. If you want I’ve come up with 6 more tips that you can download by opting in to my email list if you want.

Are you ready?

Amy’s #1 Tip to help you keep your goals

My number one thing that I do when I set a goal that determines whether or not I actually hit it is that I treat every single day as day one. Every single day while I’m working on that goal I recommit to doing the work to achieve that goal. That’s it. It’s simple. Not easy. But simple.

Every Day is Day One

When I decided to race Ironman France which was my first Ironman I can honestly say that each day after that until the race that Ironman race was my first thought every single day. In fact, I was so freaked out about how big the race was that there were days that the fear of not finishing is what woke me up and got me to the pool to swim.

I’m not perfect. Along the way I will mess up and there will be days were I choose not to do the work or I’m sick and can’t do the work. It happens. I let it go and the following day I recommit to doing the work to reach my goal.

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Fit Tip from Ridwan Mao 

Most workout plans don’t fail because they’re too difficult, but because they’re too overwhelming. Avoid spinning plates and burning out this year by trying it differently: do things the ‘Tiny Way’.

Do things the Tiny Way

That means take what you want to do, and make it so easy and small that it’s a no-brainer.

  1. Short, simple workouts with light weights or some cardio at first
  2. 1 small change to your diet, like more water or some veggies with 1 meal
  3. 3) 2 minutes of conscious stress relief & mindfulness per day

Once you build the HABIT you need, it is much easier to scale up and add more work. You’ll feel less stressed, more confident and accomplished, and surprise yourself with how quickly you improve.

You can find Ridwan at 

Tip from Jene

Take small steps. We all want to achieve our goals as fast as possible but this tends to lead to overwhelm, confusion and frustration. Ultimately leading to defeat. 

Small steps up the mountain.

I always tell my clients that when creating goals you are putting a mountain in front of you. If you start climbing that mountain with no plan it will take you forever to make it to the top. But if you make a plan and route out your way to the top you will get there much faster. 
Small steps up the mountain.

You can find Jene online at

Tip from Vidhi Makwana

For sticking to goals the important thing is to create realistic & achievable goals. Most of the times while setting goals, we people get so inspired & energized that we set high-end goals that are totally unrealistic to achieve. Doing so means setting yourself up for failure which ultimately makes you give up setting the goals itself!

Be realistic.

Being realistic and setting achievable goals is the most important part according to me for sticking with goals. The best thing is to start with small goals while trying to do something new, so that the small achievements keep you motivated and encourages you to set higher-end goals for the next time. Win-win!

Vidhi is not even a fitness blogger but she cares enough about helping people hit their goals that she wanted to contribute to this post. You can find Vidhi online at

I wish you profound success

There you go. Whatever your goal might be I truly hope that you have profound success in getting there. If your goal happens to be related to triathlon and you’d like to chat with me about it – I’m happy to chat with you about it. Just leave me a comment, send me an email or if you’re in Miami stop me the next time you see me out and about.

If you want to read more about goal setting and my thoughts here’s a post that I wrote way back in 2015.

How to Stick to your Goals

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