Get The 7 Steps I Took To Go From Crying In My Closet To Loving My Life And My Blended Family.

Statistically, my marriage should not have made it.

Because ...My parents were divorced.

Because... My husband also had been divorced.

Because...My husband already had kids.

According to "experts" I should be clinically depressed.

Not kidding. Author Wednesday Martin wrote in 2009 that, "stepmothering is the perfect storm for clinical depression."

I experienced challenges and tears but thankfully I dodged that bullet. 

Today, I'm happy. In fact, I love my life.

Would you like to know how I beat the odds?

I'm happy to share the actions I took with you so that you can use this as a blueprint to get similar results for yourself but FASTER.

You might be wondering what things you want to change in your own family. Seeing the actions I took and the changes I made may support you as you evaluate your CHOICES.

Perhaps just knowing my story is similar to yours will offer you a sense of CONNECTION that you are not alone in this situation.

This is a downloadable and printable pdf sharing 7 steps that I went through in my journey to go from crying alone in my closet to truly being able to enjoy my family and loving my life.

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How I went from crying alone in my closet to loving my life in my complicated modern blended family.

My name is Amy. More than 20 years ago I fell in love with a man who had two young children and an ex-wife. When I married him (and quickly added 2 more young kids to the mix) I had a vision of a happy family, with deep connections between all of us making happy memories.

My actual experience as a wife, stepmom and mom did not match my expectations. Where I expected bliss instead I found overwhelm, frustration, loneliness and often downright unhappiness. It's not super fun to admit that.

The advice and tools that I was given at the start of my journey were unhelpful and honestly didn't work for my personality.

Through trial and error (and perhaps a touch stubborn feminist defiance) I found my own way.

I went from crying in my closet to a place where I am truly happy in my very complicated modern family.


Download my strategies to see what I actually did to improve my happiness.

This guide will help you IF...

If you have ever thought to yourself...I thought this would be easier.

Only in fairytales (and wedding magazines) is happily ever after instant thing with no work.  

If you feel like you are trying everything but it's not working.

There's no shortage of bad advice out there. This is what I believe actually worked in my family.

If you don't enjoy feeling like a doormat.

None of my strategies include anything that leaves you feeling like a doormat because that felt terrible to me.

If you feel like the odds might be stacked against you before you even have a chance --- this is for you.

I was very freaked out as a new wife because people kept telling me how many marriages like mine ended in divorce.

I have strong opinions about the data around marriage and divorce. More important, I invite you to grab my free strategies that will help you focus on taking action to create a life you love.

Get Immediate Access To The 7-Steps AND the bonus Conversation Starters!

Bonus: 21 Conversation Starters made Just for Stepparents.

Get Immediate Access To The 7-Steps AND the bonus Conversation Starters!