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On these common ISSUES.

* talk about money

* get the kids to LISTEN

*when you don't like what another adult is doing

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Communication in Blended Families

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I recently did  a week of mini-trainings live on Facebook on communications.

It was amazing.

But there were lots more questions. Many more questions.

I put together a longer training.

This will be conducted as a zoom meeting. 

It's 2022 ... you know how this works I think. Pop in your email and you can join me live and afterwards I'll share the recording.

You'll get to see me in action which is fun.

I'm going to share three actionable tools to help with situations I hear about from adults in blended families every day. 

* How to talk about money (specifically when one adult doesn't want to spend money and another does.)

* How to get the kids or stepkids to listen. This is my super pro tip that I used all the time and I rarely see it on other instructions for parents.

* What to do with feelings and emotions about another adult's actions or behaviors. 

^^^ This is good stuff so be sure to join so you don't miss out :-)