Introduction to Journaling

One of the tools that I really love in my coaching practice is daily journaling.

It's one of those things that the more I learn about it - the deeper my commitment to this grows. For me it's really helpful.

It was through a life coach that I hired that I began to embrace this. The way she taught me though wasn't perfect. This coach just told me to do it and didn't explain anything about why it was helpful or why it works.

I followed the instructions because I had invested heavily in this coach. The whole time I felt like I was going through the motions. Eventually even with NO instruction I did see improvement.

I also felt like I had wasted a lot of my time getting to that point. I don't know about you but I value my time.

I always have thought that I would have been more eager to embrace this habit if I had understood more about it. Why it would work and how it was supposed to help me.

Which is why I eventually set out to go ahead and create the product that I think would have really helped me.

What does it cost?

I put a lot of thought and absolutely no research into pricing this product.

My primary goal was to make this very affordable. 

The price is $5. 

Five dollars.

And that's it. 

Benefits of learning to Journal from Amy

I created this for you. 

Here's what's special and wonderful about this product that you may want to know. 

Starting at the beginning

I designed this assuming that you may not know anything about the process of journaling. 

I begin at the beginning.

It goes step by step in small steps. 

Research and Explanations

I am a very curious person and I personally really like to know why and how what I'm doing is supposed to work and help me. 

In this product I share what I have learned about why writing in a journal can be helpful. Not in a loosey goosey way but I share actual research about what happens when you do this. 

Designed for and about families

A lot of journaling products are designed for business and entrepreneur development. Or personal development and self-help. 

I work with adults in families and this product is created with this in mind. 

About Amy and Amy Says So

Amy Stone is a certified life coach. She is a mom and step-mom and even a grandma. Amy is a self-proclaimed blended family expert who specializes in working with adults in blended families who want to reduce drama and go from chaos to calm in their homes. 

When she’s not coaching she’s usually running or swimming or biking - Amy is a 7-time Ironman Triathlon finisher and an avid marathon runner.

Happy words from actual customers


I am really enjoying this writing / journal thing. I can see how it can be habit forming.

What Are You Waiting For? 

Seriously, you've read this entire page. You clicked on the link. You must be curious. There are lots of things in life that are big complicated decisions. This isn't one of those. I've priced this at the crazy low price to make this an easy peasy decision for you. Go ahead - click and buy!