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Once a month I host a free online book club where we can get together and chat with other like-minded readers.

The books are non-fiction and geared around self-help and self-development.

When you sign up you'll get a confirmation with the schedule of the books we are reading. Topics may include self-image and relationships.

Tell me more

What’s unique and special about this book club?

Self-Development is the connection

This book club was inspired during a conversation with a friend who described herself as a "self-development" junkie. In this club we can hang out with others who love to read about self-help and improvement.

Not too serious...though

This club is designed to be fun and enjoyable. 

I'm finished with school. I'm not a current or former teacher.

This is not about a book report or taking a test. Or even proving how much you know.

This club is simply to vibe and chat with like-minded folks.

Mid-day and not about wine or whining

I host this club online and during the day (in my time zone). 

I suppose day drinking could be a thing for you but this is not a wine drinking club that's centered around books. It's a book discussion club.

Some self-help circles can become spaces for people to whine. I'm designing this space to be enjoyable and supportive. 

About the Host

Amy Stone

Amy has always loved to read. Everything from the text on cereal boxes to murder mysteries, business books, books about running and cooking and of course self-help books. For a long time Amy kept her passion for self-help books a little bit secret.  

She just wasn't quite sure how others might react if they knew that this was something she enjoyed. Now that this love of self-development is out in the open she's happy to share this passion with you. You can read more about Amy here.

Join Amy's Book Club Today!

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