Just the Highlights, Please

On this page you'll learn more about Amy than you may want to know so if you are in a rush or just really not that curious here are some of the highlights. 

  • Amy's Personal Journey Might Matter To You: Amy, a seasoned stepmom herself, has navigated many complexities of blended families.
  • Extensive Training and Expertise: With specialized training in relationship coaching, conflict resolution, principles of psychology and restorative mediation skills. 
  • Inclusive and Welcoming Approach: Amy's commitment to diversity and inclusion is unwavering. Her coaching embraces people of all backgrounds, regardless of race, religion, gender identity, or any unique aspect. Her coaching is a safe and inclusive space.
  • An Author and A Podcast - Amy penned a book chronicling the profound lessons she learned as a stepparent. Amy offers a free podcast: "The Amy Says So Show"where she shares her coaching philosophies and real-life interviews with other stepparents. It's a valuable resource for those seeking guidance and a sense of community.
  • She's a Real Person with Passions Beyond Coaching: Outside of coaching, Amy is an endurance sports enthusiast, enjoys sailing and paddle-boarding, she's a bit of a foodie and loves to cook, she loves to travel and learn new words in different languages.  Her multifaceted interests enrich her coaching, reflecting her dynamic spirit and life experiences.

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Introducing Amy: Your Compassionate Stepmom Mentor and Coach

Welcome to Amy Says So where you will find guidance, support, and boundless possibilities in the intricate landscape of blended families. Meet Amy, your personal tour guide on the journey to happiness and fulfillment, designed specifically for the new stepmom navigating through uncharted waters.

Amy shares her personal story because it might matter to you in your search for a mentor and coach.

With over two decades of hands-on experience as a stepmom, she knows intimately the challenges and self-doubts that can weigh heavily on your soul as you embark on this unique path. Amy's journey includes confronting the complexities of co-parenting as a child-free stepmom, mastering the art of managing a bustling household, and facing the external pressures and challenges inherent in blended families. Her quest was unyielding - to create a loving home despite the hurdles of being a stepmom within a stepfamily.

Family lies at the heart of Amy's journey, and her personal experiences have shaped her profound understanding of the complexities surrounding blended families. With two stepkids whom she met when they were just 4 and 8 years old, Amy's story mirrors the challenges and joys that many stepmoms face as their relationships with their stepchildren evolve. Today, those once-young stepkids have blossomed into adults, and the strong bond they share is a testament to the love, dedication, and resilience that Amy brings to her role as both a stepmom and a mother. Amy's family expands further when she and her husband added two more children to the family.  Those kids are also now young adults.

Amy's personal experience adds layers of understanding and empathy to her coaching that resonates deeply with those she guides. Amy has profound insights and a unique perspective that she brings to her coaching, offering clients a compassionate and relatable ally on their own journeys

Training and Professional Credentials Matter Too

Personal experience matters ... it matters a lot. When you are looking for a coach or a mentor it's also nice to know that the person you work with has training. 

Formal Education, Official Work Experience and an Unofficial Dedication to Learning:Her professional journey began in journalism, where she honed her knack for research and understanding. As the newspaper industry transformed, Amy shifted her expertise to the corporate world, ultimately becoming a managing director of a large client service call center. Here, she acquired the skills to craft intricate situations into well-oiled systems.

Yet, it was in her roles as a new stepparent and, later, a new mom, that she embarked on a profound self-study, delving into every facet of step-parenting, Gottman relationship training, parenting coaching training, discipline, conflict resolution, remarriage dynamics, and the intricate ways psychology influences our family lives, how we discipline children and our parenting styles.

Certified Life Coach: Amy's calling to offer support and services to stepparents led her to the prestigious University for Life Coach Training (ULCT), where she trained under the guidance of Master Coach Susan Hyatt. Combining her professional background with her personal journey, she emerged as a mentor, educator, and coach, having worked closely with countless stepparents in diverse situations. Amy's unique blend of personal experience and professional training makes her a compassionate and relatable source of support in your journey.

Amy's Mission Is Clear

Amy's mission is to empower stepmoms like you to shed self-doubt and uncover the confidence and joy that you undeniably deserve.

 She recognizes the many questions that might be keeping you up at night – doubts about your role, your impact, and your ability to cultivate a loving family environment. But Amy is here to guide you, unwaveringly, towards the family life you deeply desire..

Inclusive and Welcoming Approach

Amy's commitment to diversity and inclusion is deeply rooted in her personal journey and core values.

She acknowledges that her life and many achievements have been made possible by the individuals who paved the path for her and extended a welcoming hand along the way. This philosophy and commitment to inclusivity, is the very essence of her coaching practice.

It's essential to emphasize that her coaching is not affiliated with any specific religion or message of spirituality; instead, it embraces a rich tapestry of beliefs and traditions. In Amy's own home, holidays and practices from multiple religions are celebrated, reflecting the diversity that is at the heart of her approach. 

Regardless of your race, religion, personal pronouns, gender identity, sexual preferences, country of origin, physical abilities, or any unique aspect that defines you, know that you are wholeheartedly welcomed here with Amy. Her coaching is a safe, inclusive space where the beauty of diversity is celebrated, and each individual is valued for their unique contributions and experiences.

Now that you know a lot about Amy. You might be curious about how you can learn more or work with her directly. 

Holy Canoli...there's more? Brevity is not Amy's Strength

You are invited to step into the Amy Says So community, where you'll embark on a transformative journey, revealing that happiness within your blended family is attainable. Her distinctive approach and unwavering support are poised to inspire and empower you, propelling you past your doubts and towards the fulfilling family life you've always longed for.

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