I want to be very upfront about who I am and what I do and how I do it. That includes what I do and don’t do with your data.

I’m a blogger in the United States and governed by US Law. Right now there are new laws and rules popping up around the world and I think those rules will probably someday be global which is good.

Your Privacy

This is a teeny tiny company  made up of me, myself and I. The only person using your info will be me and the use of any data you give me will only be to be in contact with you. I might reply to your comment and if you give me your email address I might occasionally send you an email if I have something to share with you that I think you will want to know.

If at any time you interact with the site in the form of leaving a comment then some of your information and your comments will be public. This is the Internet that’s how this works.

Amy Says So has a presence on social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. At any time if you interact with Amy Says So at those locations then anything you provide to that platform is outside of this site and would be as public as that site makes it.

What information do you provide to Amy Says So

This site does use a few plug ins that help me in growing the site. Mainly I use Google Analytics so I track how many people visit, what pages they read and where they come from.

Your email address

If you subscribe to my email list then I might occasionally email you. I use a third-party email service for this and the reason I do that is to be sure that I follow all of the correct rules of email. That third party company is in charge of making sure that if and when you want to unsubscribe you can easily do this. They also handle the security of that email database. At this time I do not share my email my list with anybody.

Affiliate Disclosure

There are affiliate links on Amy Says So. An affiliate link is one where I have a relationship with the company advertising and they pay me a small commission if I introduce a client or sale to them. At any point if I write about something that I have an affiliate relationship with I will tell you in each article. There are also ads on this site which if you click on them I might get paid. At no time will this ever affect your price and at no time am I trying to keep this a secret. I hope that makes sense. If you ever have a question about anything you see on the site please feel free to ask.