Six Relaxation Recordings

The journey of adulting ... and being a part of raising other adults can be tough.  When things get tough you can turn to these recorded relaxations.

Get Your Copy of the Relaxation Recordings for $9.

Let Me Tell You More About
These Recordings

I'm a fan of guided meditations and relaxing recordings. I'm not very good at sitting quietly with nothing but my own thoughts so I appreciate when another person steps me through the process and some gentle music helps too. 

Most of the relaxations that I found over the years are very general and not geared toward the very specific stressors of family life and raising kids and stepkids. Which seems odd because ... these are well-known stressors. 

So, I created some. And here they are. Tah-Dah. :-)

Inspiration Topics for Relaxation:

These are the topics that inspired the recordings. 


A Guided Body Scan - connecting the mind and body experiences


Generating a feeling of being supported by our families


Releasing the pressure of our daily obligations


Visualizing a future that you want for yourself




Feeling like you are enough

Get Your Copy of the Relaxation Recordings for $9.

About Amy Stone

Amy is a mentor and a life coach for stepparents and adults who are feeling the pressure of co-parenting. She is a stepparent herself for over 20 years. Her parents were divorced which means she is what some folks call, "a daughter of divorce." Who wouldn't want that title? 

She's also a mom and a step-grandma. She likes to say that 25 years ago when this journey began she was just going on a date...she didn't know that her struggles and experience would turn into helping others in their similar journeys. 

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