Are you Unsure How to Succeed as a Stepparent?

Are you wondering... is being a happy stepparent even possible... do people really do that? The answer is yes, It is possible and I'm here to help you figure out how you can do this for yourself. 

Stepparent Success School is a self-paced online course designed to offer you the tools to intentionally create the family you deeply desire (even if you aren't quite sure what that is). 

Program Launches February 2024

Hey Stepmom, Are you Ready to Feel Secure, Confident, Comfortable and Happy in Your Marriage and Family?

I believe that stepparents are an under supported group. The challenges we face are complex and different than a relationship between two child-free adults.

I also believe that with some support and tools most stepparents would probably have a better start to life as a stepparent and hopefully more happiness and success. 

Here's a weird thing about modern-day marriage. It's easy to find support for how to shop for an engagement ring, wedding dress or even a divorce lawyer. If you want to be a foster parent or an adoptive parent ...there's often orientation or required training for those roles. ... but it can feel very tough to find somebody teaching tools for how to build a great life as a stepparent.  

Which is why I do what I do. Because you deserve it. Your family is worth it. 

You Can't Know What You Don't Know...that you don't know.

It's impossible to know what's coming in the future. Nobody knows that. I can (and will) share with you some of the most common struggles that stepparents have and offer tools to prepare for these in advance. 

Stigma, Shame and Fear

Even today there is a stigma around the ideas of divorce, remarriage and stepparenting. Which is a little weird because it's a super common situation. Let's bring this into the spotlight where I will share my experiences and offer some tools to help you through this. 

Lack of High Quality Examples of a Family That Looks like Yours (and/or mine).

Most people don't have an example in their life of a loving stepparent. Quite the opposite ... the first thing we think of might be the wicked stepmother character. There are examples and I'll share them with you. 

Stepparent Resources for Success

Being a new stepparent can sometimes feel isolating. Who can I ask for help? Who knows the answers to my questions?  How do I know if I'm doing the right thing?

Supportive resources are really helpful. I'm happy to share what I've got with you so that you can see improvement in your life as quickly as possible.

The first round of Stepparent Success School Launches in February 2024.

You can join the waiting list here. You will get information when it's available to sign up. 

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Stepparent Success School is an online program for anybody who is thinking about becoming a stepparent or anybody who is struggling as a stepparent. It's an online course that you complete in the privacy of your own space. There are no mandatory live sessions. There are no cliquey community elements where you have to share with others. All the information is created exclusively by Amy for you. 

Video Training Modules

Each lesson has a video training module that you can use.  You can also listen to these as audio files if that's your preference. 

Reading List 

If you wanna do your own deep dive into resources on any of the topics I provide a reading list as a starting point


I offer conversation starters and talking points to get you started and sometimes exercises that you can consider for you and your family. 

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Here’s what people Have said about Working with Amy

My husband and I participated in coaching with Amy together, and it was immensely helpful in navigating conflict we have had in managing our blended family of 7 kids.  My husband had 4 teens from his first marriage, I had 2 teens from my first marriage, and we had a surprise baby soon after marriage (yes, they ALL live with us!).  Our household is nothing less than chaotic, with influences from each of our ex-spouses with whom we share custody.  Rather than a therapeutic approach which tends to be focused on the past, we were looking for support in moving our relationship and parenting forward.  That is exactly the support we got from Amy!  There were several specific issues we were dealing with (a toxic coparenting relationship with an ex, differing opinions on rules or expectations for our teenagers, and basic "living together" barriers like an overwhelming amount of laundry and dishes).  Amy provided a neutral and objective perspective, offering suggestions we hadn't considered before.  We learned from Amy that most of the conflict we ran into could be managed more effectively with a process or a resource, and this knowledge has been applied on a daily basis since!  We are in a better place after Amy's support, and highly recommend her for any family that is navigating the complex and emotional world of blended families!


Coaching Client

I started working with Amy when I was blending my family and I didn't know what to do. Amy helped me know what was my lane (and what wasn't), how rules can be flexible, and how to have important conversations to state my needs. She is very calm and very knowledgeable about parenting and relationships. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is navigating step-parenting and blending a family. She takes out the scary so it feels fun again.


Coaching Client

Coaching with Amy was helpful because she offered me practical tips to help me feel confident in starting and having conversations that I wanted to have with people in my family. I feel calmer knowing that I have these tools and I’m not anxious about the results.


Coaching Client

In the beginning working with Amy felt like I wanted urgent help. Now I feel calm. I see that I was first working on surface situations but coaching with Amy gave me the tools to go deeper.


Coaching Client

Take a peek at What's Included in Stepparent Success School

Stepparent Success School is an online course that is offered for purchase. 

Stepparent Success School

Module 1: Defining Success
Module 2: Connection and Disconnection
Module 3: Why We do the weird things we all do
Module 4: creating contentment
Module 5: safety + Security
Module 6: Tools for Navigating Conflict
Module 7: Defining Your Family Values
Module 8: Money and Finances
Module 9: Aligning Parenting Styles
Module 10: Designing your Roadmap to Happily Ever After
Module 11: Yes - No - Maybe 
Module 12: How to Stay In Your Lane 

Meet  Amy

Amy is a certified life coach. More important, in her opinion she's a stepmom with 20+ years of experience in her own blended family. She also has a lifetime of co-parenting experience including growing up with divorced parents. Amy is a trained mediator and a certified parent coach.

She's helped hundreds of stepparents intentionally create their own unique path to their best version of family. 

Stepparent Success School

Course Details

  • Length: 12 Modules
  • Program Starts Dates: February 2024