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Offering happiness as something that’s attainable for stepparents may seem bold, but with over 20 years of personal experience and having coached hundreds facing similar challenges, I stand firmly behind this claim. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or unsure about your stepparenting journey, I'm here to guide you forward. Join our online course today and unlock the path to a fulfilling stepparenting experience, all for just $97.

Stepparent Success School is your comprehensive self-paced online course tailored to equip you with the essential tools for crafting the family life you've always envisioned, even if you're still defining what that looks like. You can dive into the program immediately and unlock the tools and strategies to navigate the complexities of stepparenting with intentionality and confidence.

Let's Bust Some Stepparent Myths

Uncovering the Truth Behind Common Misconceptions

While you may have heard stories of unpleasant stepparenting situations, it's important to know that there are also happy stepparents—myself included.

  • Adjustment isn't always easier if a non-residential biological parent withdraws or isn't present. Sorry, but when it comes to happiness it's not always the exes fault. 
  • It's not impossible to develop quality relationships with stepchildren of any age, even teenagers or adults.
  • Contrary to popular belief, not all children of divorce and remarriage are forever damaged or doomed.
  • Stepparents don't have to "stay out of things" or "stay in their lane"—there can be room for everyone to contribute positively to the new family dynamic.
  • Not all divorced parents are overindulgent with their kids, not all stepchildren are badly behaved and not all stepchildren hate their stepparents.

It's time to dispel the myth that stepparents have to be wicked or evil. At Stepparent Success School, we're here to help you navigate these misconceptions and build a happy, harmonious blended family.

Unlocking Happiness: Discover How to Create Fulfillment and Joy on Your Stepparenting Journey

At the start of my journey as a stepparent, I faced challenges. One challenge was the absence of reliable support. Today, I firmly believe that stepparents constitute an under-supported community. What does this mean? It means that the hurdles we encounter are unique and often distinct from those encountered in relationships between two child-free adults. Regrettably, the tools and resources crucial for assisting new stepparents and blended families remain elusive.

Here's a peculiar truth about modern-day marriage and creating modern day families: there's an abundance of guidance on shopping for engagement rings, selecting wedding attire, or even finding a divorce lawyer. In other complicated parenting mergers like foster parenting or adoption you will find applications, orientations and mandatory training programs and even emergency support helplines to call if you have trouble. However, when it comes to the pivotal role of being a stepparent, the landscape is vastly different. It often feels like searching for a needle in a haystack to find someone teaching the essential tools for building a fulfilling life in this unique family dynamic.

Could it truly be as straightforward as offering stepparents the training, information, and support they need to craft the family lifestyle they desire, unlocking happiness along the way?

All of this is not only possible but within your reach, and I'm here to guide you through the process of creating that reality for yourself.

Introducing Stepparent Success School

At Stepparent Success School, I understand the unique challenges faced by stepparents because I've been there. As the only self-directed online course crafted by a fellow stepparent, I'm dedicated to providing the support and guidance you've been searching for. Here are just a few of the vital topics I address to help you navigate your stepparenting journey with confidence and clarity:

You Can't Know What You Don't Know...until you do.

Predicting the future is impossible (and we don’t teach “magic” thinking) but understanding common struggles stepparents encounter is invaluable. I'm here to share insights into these challenges and equip you with tools to navigate them proactively.

Stigma, Shame and Fear

Despite their prevalence, divorce, remarriage, and stepparenting still carry a societal stigma. Drawing from my own journey and my experience coaching hundreds of stepparents, I'll delve into these sensitive topics and provide practical tools to help you navigate through the stigma, shame, and fear surrounding them.

Lack of High Quality Examples of a Family That Looks like Yours (and/or mine).

Many adults find themselves without a positive example of a loving stepparent in their lives. Instead, we are more familiar with stereotypes like the wicked stepmother character.

Here's a true historical anecdote from my life: During marital counseling years ago, my husband and I discovered that our well educated and licensed therapist had no experience or training with blended families or stepparents. While still helpful, this experience underscored the importance of seeking guidance from those with relevant expertise.

That's why I created this course. Stepfamilies and blended families aren't identical to first-time marriages; they come with their own set of challenges. Stepparent Success School is here to provide the support and insights tailored to your unique journey.

Stepparent Resources for Success

Embarking on the journey of being a new stepparent can often feel isolating. Who can you turn to for help or answers to your questions? How do you navigate uncertainties and ensure you're making the right decisions? The fear of judgment for admitting struggles or uncertainties can be overwhelming.

That's where supportive resources come in. Stepparent Success School is here to provide you with the tools and guidance you need to see improvement in your life as quickly as possible. Each unit includes tools to practice in your own life. You can use these new skills to navigate the complexities of stepparenting and pave the way for happiness and fulfillment.

Are you Ready to transform your stepparenting journey? Enroll in Stepparent Success School today and unlock the tools you need to create the family life you love.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Stepparent Success School is an online program designed for anyone considering step-parenting or struggling in their role as a stepparent. The course offers the location flexibility to be completed in the comfort and privacy of your own space, schedule flexibility with no mandatory live sessions. You won't find any obligatory community elements where you're pressured to share your very private family information with others, nor will you encounter 'trainee' coaches. We're committed to providing a supportive, judgment-free environment focused solely on your personal growth and success.

A variety of Ways to Learn

Each lesson has a video training module that you can use.  You can also listen to these as audio files if that's your preference. And also I include the words too... so you can read, listen or watch depending on which best suits your learning style. 

Reading List 

If you want to do your own deep dive into resources on any of the topics I provide a reading list as a starting point for you. 

Tools to Practice for Yourself

Most modules have a worksheet or workbook that you can use to work through the lesson offered for yourself. This might be conversation starters  or talking points or something like a worksheet to make a conversation plan or even a journaling exercise. 

Here’s what people Have said about Working with Amy

My husband and I participated in coaching with Amy together, and it was immensely helpful in navigating conflict we have had in managing our blended family of 7 kids.  My husband had 4 teens from his first marriage, I had 2 teens from my first marriage, and we had a surprise baby soon after marriage (yes, they ALL live with us!).  Our household is nothing less than chaotic, with influences from each of our ex-spouses with whom we share custody.  Rather than a therapeutic approach which tends to be focused on the past, we were looking for support in moving our relationship and parenting forward.  That is exactly the support we got from Amy!  There were several specific issues we were dealing with (a toxic coparenting relationship with an ex, differing opinions on rules or expectations for our teenagers, and basic "living together" barriers like an overwhelming amount of laundry and dishes).  Amy provided a neutral and objective perspective, offering suggestions we hadn't considered before.  We learned from Amy that most of the conflict we ran into could be managed more effectively with a process or a resource, and this knowledge has been applied on a daily basis since!  We are in a better place after Amy's support, and highly recommend her for any family that is navigating the complex and emotional world of blended families!


Coaching Client

I started working with Amy when I was blending my family and I didn't know what to do. Amy helped me know what was my lane (and what wasn't), how rules can be flexible, and how to have important conversations to state my needs. She is very calm and very knowledgeable about parenting and relationships. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is navigating step-parenting and blending a family. She takes out the scary so it feels fun again.


Coaching Client

Coaching with Amy was helpful because she offered me practical tips to help me feel confident in starting and having conversations that I wanted to have with people in my family. I feel calmer knowing that I have these tools and I’m not anxious about the results.


Coaching Client

In the beginning working with Amy felt like I wanted urgent help. Now I feel calm. I see that I was first working on surface situations but coaching with Amy gave me the tools to go deeper.


Coaching Client

You're a Perfect Fit for Stepparent Success School IF...

Over the years, clients have frequently reached out to me at four critical junctures in their relationships. If any of the following resonate with you, Stepparent Success School may be just what you need:

You're thinking About it...

You're in a relationship with someone who has children from a previous relationship (or perhaps you both have children), but you haven't taken the next step of moving in together, getting married, or having a child together. You're grappling with whether moving forward in the relationship is the right choice.

Navigating Tough Times

You've made a commitment, whether by moving in together, buying a house, or recently getting married.  Suddenly things feel much tougher than anticipated. You're unsure if you moved too quickly or if there are steps you can take to improve the situation.

Adjusting to a Growing Family

You've added an 'ours' baby (or two), and everything feels different. Adding children to a blended family complicates dynamics, and you might be feeling like a house divided. The choices you once felt aligned on now seem more challenging

You are at the End of your Rope ...but also not sure

You're feeling overwhelmed and unsure about whether to stay or leave the relationship. Things aren't all great or all bad, and there's still love (or the memory of it). You're seeking guidance on how to gain confidence in your decision, whether to continue in the stepfamily or move on. 

In Stepparent Success School, I offer frameworks and resources to help you navigate your feelings and make decisions that feel true and aligned with your values.

Take a peek at What's Included in Stepparent Success School

I didn't just dream this up while sitting on the beach. Let me share a little about how this course came to look the way it does and includes the specific topics that are included. To create this program, I combined my personal experience as a stepparent with my training as a coach and mediator, and direct experience coaching hundreds of other stepparents. I then delved into research on frameworks for pre-marital support and coaching. However, I didn't stop there. I revisited and updated these frameworks to specifically address the unique challenges and complexities that blended families encounter. Unfortunately, these considerations are often overlooked in standard frameworks, but they're essential for providing effective support and guidance to stepparents.

In creating this course, it felt important for me to remember that I'm likely 25 years ahead of most people who will seek out this resource. I recall vividly the early days when I craved quick tools and immediate solutions. I didn't aspire to become an expert on every aspect of family dynamics—I simply wanted my weeks and weekends to be more enjoyable. Above all, I longed for the confidence that I wasn't making a critical mistake with my decisions.

My experience is only helpful if you can actually apply this yourself in your own life. That’s why I designed this program to introduce ideas and concepts in an easily understandable manner. More important, I provide practical ways for you to incorporate and test these concepts within your family dynamic. It's about empowering you to find what works best for your unique situation and relationships.

Stepparent Success School

Module 1: Defining Success
Module 2: Connection and Disconnection
Module 3: Why We do the weird things we all do
Module 4: creating contentment
Module 5: safety + Security
Module 6: Tools for Navigating Conflict
Module 7: Defining Your Family Values
Module 8: Money and Finances
Module 9: Aligning Parenting Styles
Module 10: Designing your Roadmap to Happily Ever After
Module 11: Yes - No - Maybe 
Module 12: How to Stay In Your Lane 

Hey, I'm Amy.

It's nice to "meet" you. 

I'm a stepparent of over 20+ years. My stepkids still speak to me.


I want you to succeed. I don't actually know exactly what that might look like in your house but I'm confident I can help you to figure it out...because that's what I did.  

I didn't know 25 years ago that in my future I would offer to help other stepparents. But after years of sport coaching when I was taking a life coaching course my mentor asked me who would you really like to help. I thought back to how tough my early days were and how much I wish there had been a person in my corner who would say...you can do this and I'm going to show you how. 

Thanks for checking this out and I hope you'll join me today in Stepparent Success School. 

What If I Need Support?

This course is designed as a stand alone online course. You can reach out to Amy for more support at every step of the way. If it's a quick question she might just answer it directly. Otherwise you can always add on 1:1 coaching.


Is there a guarantee?

This is a digital course and so I can't guarantee what your results will be. There are courses out there that will make a bold guarantee about your relationship...I would question if those are legit courses honestly.

What I guarantee is the quality of the information that I'm providing for you. If you don't think it's worth it let me know and we'll discuss it. That's not a hard and fast guarantee but I'm a real person and I stand behind my work. 


What if I have technical issues?

If you have technical issues with the materials reach out to us directly. We have tried to build in backups for all of the different technical aspects. But if you have issues accessing the materials we will try to help you out. If you are unable to access the course we will address that. 

The course is presented entirely in English. It is an online course so if you are a person who is unable to easily use an online course platform this may not be a great fit for you.


Is it private?

Yes. One of the reasons I designed the course this way is that you can take advantage of all of this information in the privacy of your house...or sitting on the floor of your closet. There is no element of this course that asks you to speak out in public about anything going on in your life. 


What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions reach out to amy@amysaysso.com and we'll do our best to answer you. 


Stepparent Success School

Course Details

  • Length: 12 Modules
  • Price $97