Amy’s Ultimate Guide to enjoying the busy holiday season

(with your in-laws, exes and step-kids, food allergies, travel, weather and all the other drama). 

When I say holidays I mean many holidays.

This is my guide based on more than 2 decades as a step-mom and mom navigating the world of planning lots and lots of holidays.

In my family, we blended 2 religions. Some families will blend and choose one. We took the route of celebrating both sets of traditions. can be a lot.

Plus, we have 6 birthdays between mid-October and New Years Eve.

Just reading that wears me out.

In this guide, I share how I have learned stay calm when my calendar feels like it will burst at the seams ...and you can too.

How I have learned to find joy in the chaos when it feels like everything is going wrong and everybody is upset ...and you can too.

How not to lose yourself in the holiday hustle. 

How I have learned to say no to people you love without pissing them off. 

How to keep your sense of humor and even a sense of childlike magic. 

These are my real tips from my actual life. 

This is not about getting the perfect photo on Christmas morning or planning ahead for holiday cards … this is if you want to actually enjoy your one life including the holidays this year.  

So pop in your email and it will magically arrive in your email box.

5 ways this guide will improve your holiday spirits


You only have one life and the holiday season is literally ¼ of the year. You deserve to enjoy it.


Because the invisible workload of running a home is real and the pressure can be a lot and you deserve somebody on your side to help you through it.


Because it’s HARD to feel like everybody else is having a great time and you’re not because you’re stressed about all the gifts and all the school crap and don’t even get me started on delayed packages. It’s hard. But you can do it and enjoy it and I’ll share with you how I do it so that you can TOO. 


Because the most wonderful time of the year should feel wonderful and not like a never-ending stress-fest power grab over custody and visitation and presents. What if it could be fun … or at least funny?


Because you LOVE these people but the stress of the holiday season can turn us into holiday cranks and who wants that? Nobody.

Download this guide and I’ll share how I do all the things (that I want to) while keeping my calm (mostly)  and my smile (almost always).


You get 5 tips that I’ve developed through my own personal experience. These are actionable real things that will help you navigate the complex holiday season.

For your entertainment I also include some of the stories that helped me define these guiding principles. Let my mistakes be helpful to you. 

This is an electronic delivery. It’s an ebook. A pdf. It will come to your email and you don’t even have to print it out to get the benefit. Yes, it’s that easy.


This is easy. And it’s free. Which is the best bargain of ALL. 

Just put your email address into the form on this page and after you confirm it (I don’t make the rules … but this is how it works) you will be directed to download the Amy’s Ultimate Holiday Survival Guide. 

If you have any trouble you can email me at and we’ll get that guide to you.

About Amy

Amy Stone is a life coach and triathlon and running coach. She is a mom to two and a step-mom to two. That's 4 kids. She is also a grandma.

She is a 7 time Ironman Triathlon finisher and 8 time marathon finisher. 

Over more than 2 decades she has co-parented and blended and juggled and bounced and mastered many crucial skills of running a household with many holidays, many people and a super busy season. 

All of her kids, step kids and spouse still speak to her (we're still married) and even enjoy many of the holiday traditions they have created together. 

You can find more about Amy at

Amy Stone

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