Ten Tips To Be A Happy Stepparent.

10 Tips for a Successful and Happy Blended Family

10 Tips for a Successful and Happy Blended Family

  • You might feel that your blended family is extra complicated.
  • You might feel like you should be able to figure this out on your own.
  • You might feel like no matter what you do nothing will ever change.

If this is how you are feeling...

Please, know that you aren't alone in having these feelings.

I had all of these. 

I would love to share my personal experiences as a stepmom to help and support you on your unique blended-family journey.

I've gone ahead and listed out my personal 10 tips for success and happiness in a blended family.

Just for you.

Download these 10 tips so you can print them out and enjoy them always. 

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Why these tips?

It took me 20 years to learn these lessons. I would love to save you that time and frustration.

What makes me somebody you want to learn from?

Well, Growing up my parents were divorced. I always had 2 separate houses - mom's house and dad's house.

I married somebody with kids. I was a stepparent before I was a parent.

I've now been a stepparent for over 20 years. I am still married to the same person and my stepkids are grown-ups and still speak to me. I have a real-life complex blended family.

My point is that I literally have a lifetime of experience with this stuff. I have lived it as a child and an adult. Please accept what I've learned and put it to work in your life right away.

#1 Tools -- Not deep Theory

Theory is great. Knowledge is important but sometimes you need tools so that you can take action.

#2 Bite sized to apply immediately

#3 Not complicated (but maybe not always easy)

4 ways these tips can help

Listen, I don't want to say I'm promising you that if you have a toddler or a teenager they won't be cranky or that I can suddenly fix your husband's snoring that keeps you up.

I cannot do that.

I can tell you that if you are feeling overwhelm and out of control in your blended family that there are options that may help you feel more content and happy.

These are real things that have helped me over the last couple of decades to love my home and my family.  

After you download this short form. I will follow up with more detailed information and stories about these 10 tips. 


There are a lot of people who will tell you how hard it is to be in a blended family.  I'm here to offer you ways that help you feel better.

You are not alone

At the start it can feel isolating to be in a blended family. You are not alone. There are lots of us around.

Small shifts - big changes

Complex family situations can feel HUGE. Speaking from personal experience tiny changes by just one person in the family sometimes make ENORMOUS differences. 

You deserve to feel happy at home

This is your family. You deserve to feel happy at home. You are worthy of feeling joy and happiness in your blended family.

Your Next Step...

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About Amy Stone

I am a life coach that helps adults in blended families go from chaos to calm. 

I am a mom, step-mom and even a step-grandmom ...but we just say grandmom. My step-kids are adults and I've lived through the adjustment of blending families. This has included lots of struggles and lessons along the way.  I can share my experiences along the journey of young step-kids to adult step-kids.

I want you to take what I've learned in over 20 years of blended family living which has included plenty of conflict and apply these tips immediately to your life.

It's not just my experience as a step-mom and mom. Studying communication is a life-long passion of mine. Using communication to create positive experiences within groups is a skill I've worked on both personally and professionally.

Outside of coaching blending families I love to run marathons and  very long triathlons -- all in the name of fun.