I am a life coach for stepparents who want to feel HAPPY

I believe that your happiness is a worthwhile goal.

I believe this because I know that my happiness is important to ME.

This is the reason that I do what I do as a life coach.

The reason I work with stepparents is because I am one.  I know that it can be hard to find solutions. 

Stepparents are looking for ANSWERS!

I found the real-life experience of joining a family as a wife and stepparent to be unexpectedly challenging.

There were a few things that made this a particularly tough nut to crack. 

I thought it should be easier. 

I thought I should somehow already know what to do.

I didn't know who to ask and the people I did ask weren't much help.

Worse still, a lot of advice I got didn't try and even made things worse when I did try it.

Stepparents deserve support from a person who GETS IT

Let me set a scene for you.

The sun is shining, the air is filled with love, birds are singing, you are driving a cute little sports car.

The person you love with all your heart is at your side.

You are excited for the beautiful life you are building together.

Beautiful scenery is all around. The road in front of you looks clear. The destination is a happy, joyous, peaceful home that smells like freshly baked cookies all the time.  

You blink your eyes.

Like a flash and without warning you find yourself driving a minivan stuffed full of screaming people on a crowded highway going full-speed.

Instead of beautiful scenery you see huge obstacles in your way. Instead of clear road way you are now surrounded by aggressive drivers. Each and every one of them is more upset at what you are doing than the last.

Support from somebody who has been there, too.

This is what I call the "hot mess expressway." 

Common sensations at this point can include:


A bit of good news is that I have personally navigated this experience and I found my way through.

I gladly share my authentic stories and the tools I learned along my journey to help empower you to find contentment, satisfaction, and joy in your life and your family.

Stepparents are looking for SOLUTIONS!

Two ways to work with Amy

I offer two ways to work with me.  

Private 1:1 coaching.

This is the fastest way to get results.

We look at what's really happening in your actual life and how to get where you want to go.

Self-Directed Courses 

1:1 coaching is not for everybody.

Self-directed courses are amazingly helpful if you are looking for on-demand training and support.

This allows you to get started with my ideas and philosophies at a tiny fraction of the cost. 

Is happiness really possible?

Yes...oh my sweet stepparent in distress... Happiness is possible for stepparents. 

I understand why you might think it's not. 

You've been told and shown that the only options for stepparents are anger, yelling, living forever with high-conflict, living forever feeling like a second-class citizen. 

Did you know that there are 400 mentions of evil stepmoms in just one group of animated movies?

You deserve so much more. 

My coaching, my philosophies, and my teachings are a lot different than what other people are offering as support for stepparents.

You may have tried other things. You may have listened to podcasts and read books and talked to others without much progress. 

Right now you might think that the only option is to cut and run. Burn the bridges. Start over. 

When I started my business I did two things. I looked at my real-life experience and I looked at what other experts were teaching. I expected those two things to match.

But they didn't. This surprised me. For a while I doubted myself.

I have begun to suspect that perhaps this might be why I found my way. 

Imagine going through your day feeling a sense of belonging and purpose.

Imagine your day where you feel in control of your time. 

Imagine your day when you are not walking on eggshells in fact people listen to what you say

Imagine your day where the people in your life see you and value you.

Imagine your day when something around you goes unexpectedly and you feel okay ... in fact, you feel strong and in control because you have the tools to manage your mind and your reaction to the situation.

 Imagine your home being a place where you feel secure and comfortable with the people you love.

Who is Amy?

I (Amy) have been coaching people and helping them reach their goals and create their dream lives since 2016.

I am a certified life coach, a certified triathlon and running coach. 

I am a mom to four kids. I know...I look so young (thank you for thinking that). I have a big, busy blended family with 2 step-kids and 2 kids. I am a self-declared blended-family expert. 

Communication is my specialty. My education was in mass-communication. My early professional experience included technical communication. Interpersonal communication skills are a specialty of mine.

Here's more about me.

Real Results

These are from actual clients about their experience and results after 6 weeks of coaching with Amy.

I feel like in each session Amy was able to peel back layers or unlock things that I didn't know were there. I was able to take action in setting up my side business where I'd been stuck before.   John S. 

During one of our sessions I had an incredible breakthrough. After what felt like grieving I felt like I had let go of something profound. I tend to listen rather than share and Amy really allowed me to share which was deeply cathartic. I deeply value the time I've spent with Amy and the progress I've made. - Sarah

After six weeks I feel more stabilized, less stressed and more comfortable making decisions in all parts of my life moving forward. - Justin

What kind of life do you really want?

You know how you feel now. 

There's something that brought you to this page. (Quite possibly yelling, feeling yucky and maybe even some crying). There's no shame in that.

The choice to NOT DO anything is always available to you.  

The choice NOT to CHANGE is always an option.

You may currently feel that the solution is that the other people in your life need to change or go away. 

Or maybe the only option you see is if you walk away from what's happening. Maybe you feel you just aren't "cut out for this."

Maybe that's all true.

It's a truth that change can feel very scary. 

My question is: 

What if your happiness is your blended family is possible? Six weeks from now do you want to feel how you feel now or is it perhaps worth it to see how much transformation you can actually achieve in 6 weeks?

Have a few more questions? 

You can email me at amy@amysaysso.com and I'll answer any questions you might have. 


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